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We don't think bridal should be uncomfortable or kept in a box. We don't think you should be pressured into not feeling like yourself. Our dresses are unusual, figure flattering and above all comfortable. They are made to stand out in the bridal world and to make your guests salute you for being you. Our styles are designed and made in Wales, UK. We're part of a community, just like you. We believe in being yourself. We’ve got sparkle, we’ve got lace, we’ve got simplicity at it’s best and we’ve even got some unicorns.

Looking to be a little different? Our separates work for all you alternative gals. We’ve got a range of skirts, tops and trousers for you to mix it up.

Leigh Skirt

Isla Crop

Madden Skirt

Inca Crop

Greta Crop

Scarlett Skirt

Effy Crop

Paisley Crop

Indie Dress

Winslow Slip

Tillie Slip

Orion Dress