Catherine Deane...

Born in Ireland, raised in South Africa and inspired by living in London and Hong Kong; Catherine’s designs take cultural references from her nomadic lifestyle and her passion for long forgotten craft techniques and femininity. Traditional techniques with a modernist twist of simplicity form the foundation of Catherine’s work and are fuelled by the continual search for new methods from around the world. Juxtaposition plays an important part in the aesthetic of Catherine’s designs. Between textile and craft, strength and fragility and old meets new there is a consistent balance drawn in all that she creates; every Yin has a Yang.

Music Skirt

Livvy Gown

Maci Top

Maggie Top

Itala Top

Anika Skirt

London Gown

Lenka Gown

Kameron Gown

Kellyn Gown

Kelly Gown

Les Skirt

Keeva Gown

Jessica Body

Fantasia Gown

Michelle Top

Delia Skirt

Delphi Skirt

Mia Cami

Kelis Top

Darla Bodice

Dahlia Top

Hayden Top

Coco Belt

Coco Halo

Intersellar Sash