Wedding Dresses by Sophia Tolli, these bridal gowns provide both classic and couture designs including strapless ball gowns, A-line dresses, halters and slim skirts. Wedding dresses with Sophia’s signature draping and corset backs provide an impeccable fit.

Sophia adds, “My collection has two distinct feelings: soft romanticism and traditional bridal drama. My signature style will always be gowns with an exceptional fit and cut.”

Bridal gowns  £1185 - £2220

Available to order in sizes UK2 - UK32

Sample dresses to try in our boutique are sized

UK10 - UK22

Aurora - Y22041

Alannah - Y12011

Bloom - Y22174

Caterina - Y12029

Skye - 221163

Hudson - Y22180

Kennedy - Y12014

Elodie - Y12235

Gianna - Y12243

Marlow - Y12234

Zendaya - Y12237

Paxton - Y22175

Rosa - Y21971

Sabrina - Y22182

Saskia - Y22043

Katelyn - Y11963

Ambrose - Y22261


Annalise - Y22269

Lottie - Y22270

Annabel - Y22273

Eve - E2508

Aiden - Y3102

Lazaris - Y3103

Piper - Y3105

Ansel - Y3108

Casia - Y3110

Quinn - Y22263

Lloyd - Y3132

Coming Soon

Gueniver - Y3135

Coming Soon

Beatrice - Y3121

Coming Soon

Daphne - Y3126

Coming Soon

Emma - Y22045

Coming Soon

Chandra - Y3122

Coming Soon

New Gowns Arriving August!


The start of your happily ever after began with finding a love so sweet… Celebrate your fairytale ending in a treasurable gown, worthy of saying ‘I do’ in. Presenting over thirty new styles and accessories each rich with romantic details, thoughtfully crafted to guarantee an impeccable fit without compromising on style. From minimalism to extravagance, our ‘A Love So Sweet’ collection offers something that caters to each bride’s unique style. Step into a world of timeless charm with this extraordinary collection, and celebrate finding a love so sweet.