It is very important for us to prepare for your arrival, as we want you to have a fabulous experience here at The Bridal House, so please call ahead to book an appointment.  

Please note that our Saturday appointments are in high demand and unless we get a cancellation, do not be surprised if you have to wait a little for a Saturday slot, we assure you this is a good sign.

I want to book an appointment what should I expect?

Our Standard appointments are completely free of charge.

Expect your appointment to last an hour.

Please come with light colour or tonal underwear that smooth the silhouette and maybe a nude strapless bra for under our sheath style dresses.

We do ask that you do not wear fake tan to your appointment as this may transfer on to our lovely sample dresses.

We provide everything else you will need!

It is totally normal to feel shy or nervous at a first appointment, you are not alone we see it all the time. Our friendly personal stylists will put you at ease and guide you along your journey.

Who to bring and sample sizes queries?

All of the dresses that you will be trying on are samples and will be in a variety of sizes, as you can understand we cannot have every size available in the same dress as you would get in a normal retail shop. Part of having a professional consultation with us is so that you can be fitted and pinned as needed, this will really help you see how you will look even if the dress is a quite a few sizes off fitting. With our internal corset dresses we can fit a size 22 lady into a size 8 sample so ignore the sample size label.

We recommend bringing a close relative or a trusted friend along with you to offer you unbiased opinions. The Bridal House Of Cornwall will offer our encouragement, direction and of course professional styling and shape advice. We advise you not to bring too many people along with you to your first appointment as it can be a bit over whelming having a lot of conflicting opinions to hear and can leave you utterly confused and feeling lost. Do not loose sight that the objective is for you to finding the dress that you feel unbelievable in.

Please note that we like to place your wedding dress order at least 6 months prior to your wedding to give 4 months for delivery and 2 months for fittings.


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